1TimeShop Refund Policy

1TimeShop understands that situations may arise where you need to cancel an order. Here's a breakdown of our refund policy for Rides, Logistics (Deliveries), and E-Wallet transactions.

Rides & Logistics (Deliveries):

  • Cancelled Confirmed Trips: A 30% cancellation fee will be applied to your wallet if you cancel a confirmed ride or delivery. This applies to both cash and cashless payments.
  • Driver En Route Cancellation: If you cancel an order after the driver is already on their way, you will be charged the full amount.

E-Wallet Refunds:

  • Order Placed: Due to regulations, we cannot process refunds once funds are used for an order placement.
  • Unused Funds: Refunds for unused E-Wallet funds will be processed through the original funding channel within 2-3 business days (depending on third-party processors).
  • Missing Items: We will credit your E-Wallet for any missing items from your order.

Gift Vouchers:

  • Once Sent: Gift vouchers are non-refundable unless the receiver requests a refund.
  • Sent in Error: If you send a voucher by mistake, contact our support team for investigation and potential refund.


  • Service Fees: All prices include applicable Services Fees at the time of purchase.
  • Order Confirmation: The total price, including Services Fees, is confirmed before you place your order.
  • Confirmed Order Cancellation and Refund Policy: All orders are considered final once confirmed by the vendor. Please review your order carefully before submitting. Once confirmed, refunds will not be processed as the merchant likely begins preparing your order.

  • For pending orders: Customers will receive a full refund to their E-wallet upon cancellation.

Additional Notes:

  • Cash on Delivery: Orders must be received and paid for upon delivery. Failure to show up within 60 minutes will result in the order being forfeited and the amount added to your next order. You'll be blocked from ordering until the previous bill is settled.
  • Incomplete Orders: Contact us via email or social media for incomplete cash-on-delivery orders. You can request the rider return for missing items or receive a credit for the missing amount in your Wallet.
  • Incorrect Addresses: Address changes are not possible after order processing. Orders will go to the specified address. Incorrect addresses may incur a redirection fee.
  • Online Transaction Refunds: Refunds for missing items or order cancellations will be credited to your online wallet (excluding processing fees).
  • Order Cancellation Reasons: Orders may be cancelled by 1TimeShop for reasons including:
    • Out-of-service area
    • Unavailable items
    • Merchant unavailability
    • Severe weather
    • Suspicious orders
    • System failures
    • Other logistical limitations

We strive to provide a seamless user experience. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.